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Getting Started with Briefs

Briefs is a robust application and can be intimidating to get started. We've created a quick-start guide for getting over the initial hurdles. Once you completed this guide you will have completed your first brief, and watch it come to life on your device. We go into enough detail to cover most of the functionality you'll want to start building briefs from your own designs.

You can download it as a PDF or an ePub that you can put on your iPad for handy reference while working through the guide.

Get it Now: PDF  EPUB

Support Materials: AWSMR assets & images


We're working hard on comprehensive documentation and we can't wait to share it with you. When it's ready, you'll find out about everything that Briefs can do right from this page.

Coming Soon.

Questions & Answers

We have a vibrant community of users who can offer help or maybe you want to see what others are asking us. We have a user forum through Tender that allows us to answer questions in front of the class, instead of behind the closed doors of email. You can visit the forum on the web or submit issues directly from Briefs.

User Forum:

Help us better help you. You can send us feedback directly from Briefs by doing the following:

In the Help menu select Report Bugs or Feature Requests and the following dialogue will display. Fill it out and click send to submit your feedback directly to our system. We'll get a response back to you as soon as possible.

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