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Professional Prototypes — Powerful Mockups

Lifeless mockups don’t tell the entire story, but you don’t have time to build a prototype. We’ve been there, too. MartianCraft’s clients are some of the most demanding companies in the world. Your clients need a clear picture, so give them something to touch.

Create a brief and you can hand your designs to people in a way they can play with. You can quickly incorporate their feedback and create new iterations quickly for them to retest. Before you know it, you’ve cut months of back and forth from your schedule without spending a dime on development.

One container for all of your mockups.

There's iPhone and iPad. But there's also the taller screen on the iPhone 5. Who wants to deal with three sets of mockups? With Briefs you can package all of these mockups into one convenient file, with a different timeline for each device. Simpler delivery and easier version control. And if you have an iPad, you can use one device to show off all your mockups.

Connect and Animate Your Designs

Each timeline is a collection of scenes you create to show different application states. Simple enough. But why stop there? Use Briefs to show folks how to navigate to different parts of your app, animating along the way. We call them scene transitions, but you might call them magic.

We include six different base transitions. Each transition supports multiple directions and customizable duration. All are animated at a blistering 60 frames per second, smooth as glass.

Realtime Interaction While You Work

See it, touch it, all while you build.

You’re gonna love seeing your designs running natively on your iPhone and iPad so much that we wanted to make it painless. So we created BriefsLive™ which works with the Briefscase app to communicate every update in realtime straight to the device.

Mirroring a picture from your computer to your phone is an old trick, but we’re sending a lot more than a picture — we’re sending interaction instructions too! That means the pretty picture on your iPhone is a working brief the moment you startup BriefsLive™.

Connect all your devices.

No longer do you have to ask "is this button big enough to tap?" Build it in Briefs, see it instantly on the device, then tap away. This is the digital canvas of your dreams.

And we've built it so you can connect all of your devices simultaneously! That's right — you can test your iPhone and iPad designs, each on the device, right next to each other. And if you take your iPad with you on the go, you can demo every timeline from there. Great for board room presentations and conferences.

Sharing Made Simple


Briefs are meant to be shared with others. Publish your brief directly to your Briefscase for one-on-one demos or email a briefs document to anyone you want to see it. It's easy to show-off your design to friends, clients or investors.

Details For Developers

Blueprints for the 21st Century

Briefs is the best app for designing mobile apps; it’s also the best for communicating those designs to the rest of the world. A design is only as effective as the developer that builds it. Don’t leave it to chance, let Briefs do the heavy lifting.

With Briefs, a developer doesn’t have to wonder how assets should be sliced up and never has to dive into a mockup to figure out the right size for an image banner. Ambiguity is obliterated. Assets are automatically exported and positions are conveyed with pixel precision. You can even track the last version you delivered so your developer can quickly figure out what’s changed and needs to be updated.